What genres do you prefer?

Several decades ago it was rather difficult to extract the necessary book. I had to order from other cities, or even countries. To write the course work students spent hours in libraries. Today, everything is completely different. Any book can be found online in minutes and downloaded to your electronic device. And what does this give us? Great world knowledge. With the help of books, you can learn anything, anything. This is the preparation of delicious dishes, and the construction of complex buildings, and the repair of cars and household appliances. By studying books you can learn how to grow exotic plants, sew fashionable clothes and even treat people. Books can teach everything that comes to your mind. The main thing is to have a wish. The person reading books is always erudite. Even if he does not study specific sciences, but simply reads quality literature, he can always support the conversation. Such a person has something to share, he has a beautiful and competent speech, he is just a pleasant conversationalist. It is simply unacceptable to neglect such opportunities and not read books. Books do better than every person who touches them, which means reading books can change the world for the better.