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by Clayton Sedgwick Cooper
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Why Go to College by Clayton Sedgwick Cooper
Clayton Sedgwick Cooper
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WHY FISH BITE and WHY THEY DONT by James Westman drawings by Ray Ingham PRENTICE-HALL, INC., Englewood Cliffs, N. J. Contents Prologue CONSIDER A BOY WITH A FISHING ROD .... 1 WHY JIM WESTMAN FISHES, by A. W. Underbill 5 THE INCOMPLETE ANGLER 7 THE FISH IN PERSON . 22 THE FISH AT HOME IN LAKES AND PONDS 49 THE FISH AT HOME IN STREAMS AND RIVERS 80 THE FISH AT HOME IN OCEANS, BAYS, AND ESTUARIES 98 THE ART AND THE SCIENCE OF FISHING 122 THE ART AND THE SCIENCE IN FRESH WATER 142 THE ART AND THE SCIENCE IN SALT WATER 167 LETS EAT 184 INDEX 203 WHY FISH BITE AND WHY THEY DON T Prologue Consider a Boy With A Fishing Rod .... C onsider a boy with a fishing rod and a can of worms as he heads for a nearby pond or river, afoot or on a bicycle. Imbued by the spirit of research and an eager ness for adventure, he is about to engage in an activity that is nearly as old as Man What lurks in the deep pool at the bend of the river, and how can I catch it Science, with all its shelves of books, pamphlets, and treatises on the classification, life histories, population dynamics and management of fishes has almost entirely ignored this question about why fish bite in the first 2 PROLOGUE place Perhaps the scientists have been too busy studying the less obvious mysteries about fish. Perhaps they, too, have taken an answer for granted and have become victims of tradition and dictated fashions. Or perhaps they have felt understandably embarrassed about being conspicuous with hook and line studies while operating on state or federal funds. The fact remains, neverthe less, that fishery biologists have been professionally more interested in fishes than in fishing that fascinat ing and mysterious relationship between man and his underwater quarry . . . Once before the boy had seen the big fish in the deep pool at the bend of the river. He had been peering down into the dark water under the tree root and had seen the great shadowy form undulating gently with the current. He had guided the worm down near the shadow, but the big fish had only moved atoay slowly farther up under the bank. This time the monster came out of his lair and lei surely followed the worm for a foot or two as it was being slowly retrieved, only to turn back suddenly. The boy was momentarily stunned by the size of the great fish and by its unblinking eyes and deliberate movement. He had never seen or expected anything like it, and he felt his scalp and the roof of his mouth tighten and tingle as if charged with electricity, and his heart begin to pound violently up near the base of his throat. When the spasm had subsided, he noticed that his heart continued to beat rapidly and that he was possessed with an uncontrollable trembling and sweating. His head began to ache. PROLOGUE 3 He fished for a full hour more, but saw and felt nothing. He began to feel let down and a bit frustrated. When he had told his Uncle Charlie about the big fish many days ago, Uncle Charlie had put his hand on his shoulder and had told him that it was all a matter of luck and patience. But he had tried and tried, and what could he do Fish eat, but this huge one had been given fresh worms again and again, and wasnt much interested. Was he always to be the unlucky fisherman The boy pulled up his line and cleaned the hook preparatory to going home. Glancing into the worm can, he saw that there was only one small, stretched-out worm in the crusted bottom dirt. It was partly broken and didnt smell so good, so almost mechanically he emptied the can and rinsed it in the river. Only then did he begin to relive his recent expe rience and feel a mounting inner excitement. Next time he would be more careful in his approach and he would hook the worm differently. And he would try small frogs, and grasshoppers, and one of those water lizards After all, Uncle Charlie didnt catch big fish like this in the river. Uncle Charlie always went away somewhere with someone to catch them...

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